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  . . . to Keystone College's Forest Stewardship Virtual Field Trip.  This field trip is an internet version of the forest stewardship interpretive signs that are located along Keystone's network of trails existing on 157 acres of woodland and creekside campuses.  You are welcome to come and hike the trails during daylight hours.

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This trail is intended to introduce forest stewardship to landowners interested in actively managing their forests.  The information provided is not comprehensive; therefore, repetitive are many links to external sites expanding on this subject matter.  We hope you will investigate them and return to complete your field trip.  You can return at any time and rejoin the trail at any station by using the table of contents.  Of course, we cannot be responsible for links which no longer work or have changed. Please notify us of these so they can be updated. Comments are welcomed as email to the Webmaster.

Disclaimer:  Many of the pictures and graphics on this site have been borrowed from internet sources.  If you do not wish us to use your material, please contact us and it will be removed or more properly credited.






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